Getting to Esalen

Bus tickets to/from Esalen are still available. If you're looking for a ride, please check out our carpool organizer website.

Driving to Esalen?

Parking at Esalen is very, very limited so we strongly recommend catching the Web of Change bus. If you must drive, please carpool. You'll find your road trip match on this carpool organizing site. 

Driving directions.

Big Sur Weather Forecast

November is a great time to be in Big Sur. Check out Big Sur average weather conditions in November.


Monday, NOV. 28, from 4 pm till Friday, DEC. 2 at lunchtime

Photo: Doug Ellis

Photo: Doug Ellis

WOC Packing List

  1. Casual, out-doorsy gear is great!
  2. Bathing suit. A must at the WOC reserved 'upper' hot springs tub on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday .4:20pm - 7:00pm.
  3. Party wear for evening shindigs.
  4. Hiking boots, running shoes or other practical outdoor footwear.
  5. Flip flops for hot springs, shared bathrooms.
  6. A flashlight (and batteries) for walking on the grounds at night.
  7. Alarm clock and/or a watch.
  8. Medications, sunscreen, toiletries (including shampoo and conditioner, which are not provided by Esalen)
  9. Non glass water bottle
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Earplugs (in case your roommate is a snorer)
  12. Hair dryer (if you need one)

Tech. . . Like It's 1999

Esalen Institute is perched on a rock at the ends of the earth, that's what makes it so special. But, what makes it special also makes it remote. Be prepared for your week in nature!

Phone Service

There is NO cell service at Esalen. But, there are three private pay phone cabins where you can check-in with work and loved ones. Phones can be used with calling cards. Bring your own or purchase one at the Esalen bookstore. We'll use a bulletin board for important messages and calls from home and will notify conference participants if/when they receive phone messages.

Internet Access

Wireless internet is available in the lodge EXCEPT during mealtimes. Internet speed is sufficient for email and sending average files, but not for large files or Skype calls. The lodge is open 23 hours a day, except from 7-8 am when it's closed for cleaning.

Photo: ajmexico

Photo: ajmexico

World-Class Massage

Esalen has long been known for its unique massage and bodywork, developed by innovative practitioners at the baths overlooking the Pacific, and offered to guests during their stay. Massage and bodywork reservations must be made and paid for in advance through Esalen Reservations. Call to book: 831-667-3002.

Esalen Grounds

Terrain at Esalen is uneven and so good walking shoes are highly recommended. Esalen provides accessible accommodation for guests with disabilities, though some property access can be difficult.

If you have accessibility concerns, please email us at

Esalen's Amazing Hot Springs

Photo: Nate Bolt

Photo: Nate Bolt

For thousands of years, the hot springs at Esalen have been a place of nourishment and healing. We invite you to enjoy them!

Esalen's hot springs are open to you, staff and the community. But, there are dedicated times for WOC participants.

Please note that SWIMSUITS ARE REQUIRED in the Web of Change reserved 'Upper Tub' on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday .4:20pm - 7:00pm..

Web of Change participants are welcome to use the hot springs at any time alongside Esalen staff and community and swimsuits are optional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a doctor onsite?
A: Esalen has an on-call doctor for emergencies. There are no other medical services or pharmacy onsite. The closest pharmacy is a xx-minute drive from Esalen.

Q: Can I smoke at Esalen?
 Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas only. It is not permitted in accommodations or meeting areas or near the lodge and outdoor deck during mealtimes. In accordance with state and federal laws, the possession or use of illegal drugs on Esalen grounds is strictly prohibited

Q: Is there an ATM on property?
 Please bring sufficient funds for incidentals, like books and toiletries from the bookstore. as Esalen does not have an ATM, nor are we able to cash checks. Esalen does accept cash, checks and credit cards as payment.

Q: Can I bring a pet to Esalen?
Sorry, other than service animals, no other pets are allowed on the property.

Q: Can I pitch a tent?
 Camping is not permitted on the property.


Header photo by Martin Fisch