FAQs for 2018


I haven’t heard from the Web of Change board in a long time. what’s going on?

This year everyone on the board has been stretched with amazing projects, career shifts, family growth and personal health, leaving Web of Change short of the energy we all want it to have. We want to thank several of our board members who have contributed in amazing ways to the organization and who have transitioned out of their roles on the board, including Emily Jacobi, Amanda Kloer, Kara Andrade and our board chair, Bhavik Lathia. We are grateful for all of their time, wisdom, and contributions and hope to see them at future events.

What this means for the organization is that we need your support to continue building on the incredible transformative work that this community has begun.

Will there be a flagship event in 2018?

No. But there will be an event in 2019. The date and location for the 2019 event are still being decided on, but let us know if you have any recommendations!

Are there any local events planned?

We’d love to see you all again soon digitally or in person. We will be having a webinar discussion soon. We also have some funds available to provide support for individuals to host meetups in their respective cities. Please reach out if you’d like our help with hosting a meetup.

I have some spare time, how can I help?

We’re always looking for support from our community. Anyway you can offer to help out will be much appreciated. Here are some common ways our community provides support:

  • Join the Board

  • Join a committee: fundraising, events, communications

  • Volunteer to host a meetup

  • Sponsor our flagship event

  • Sponsor a local meetup

Get in touch and let us know if you have any ideas on how you’d like to help.

How do I join the Web of Change Board?

We’re looking for additional capacity on the board and with volunteers. If you’re interested in helping please reach out to Leena Minifie (leena@webofchange.com) and Eugene Flynn (eugene@webofchange.com) for more details.

How can I help as a sponsor?

  • For Web of Change to succeed as an organization that lives our values as an equity-conscious organization, we need your sponsorship support to provide scholarships to the amazing people from diverse backgrounds who are not able to afford to come to Web of Change on their own.

  • We are asking our amazing past sponsors to sign up to commit to sponsor next year’s conference. You can pledge to be a sponsor for next year’s event now, and publicly share your commitment to the vision and the organization. We will follow up with you when a date and location has been confirmed to have you complete your sponsorship commitment.

  • Because of our past sponsors, we have been able to provide scholarship support to as much as 70% of attendees, making it possible to have events where more than 50% of attendees were people of color.

Please contact Eugene Flynn (eugene@webofchange.com or info@webofchange.com) if you have any questions about sponsoring Web of Change.

Much respect and appreciation for all of our alumni!

Austen Levihn-Coon, Eugene Flynn, Harold Moore, Jen Castro, Lauren Brown, Leena Minifie, Maya Menezes, and Tim Molina

The Web of Change Board