Enter Our Story Contest!

Calling all Web of Change alumni...

We want to publish a handful of powerful stories, on our site and in our newsletter, because we know that many of you are doing some of the most innovative and inspiring social change work out there. We want to inspire the broader public with what is happening in our sector.

We're envisioning stories about projects that were *exceptional*, that transformed a system or a marketplace – projects that really caught fire. We're envisioning a window into the best work produced by our network, showing just what is possible when you act like a real "web of change".

Do you have such a story? If so, jot it down (300 words or less), and send it to info@webofchange.com. (Bonus points if your story includes a line about how Web of Change helped you in your work.) The best story will be awarded a massage at this year's Web of Change conference – or any time at Hollyhock in the next two years.

All submitted stories will be considered for publication (not just the winner). We look forward to hearing from you!