Right-Wing Taking the Lead in Social Media?

While cash strapped progressive orgs and traditional advocacy organizations sometimes hesitate or balk at investing in web 2.0 their mission may be coming under new attack, from a well funded right-wing that is embracing viral media.

The Fraser Institute—a right-wing think tank that advocates “market based solutions” for social issues like education, health care and the environment—released this video targeting high school kids. The framing? That it is a message of “irrefutable fact and common sense”. The message itself? Global warming is a lie designed from stopping YOU from doing what YOU want. They actually stop just shy of calling it a lie, but it matters little. Their message comes through loud and clear—environmental concerns are over-hyped fear mongering that do nothing but limit your freedom and choice. To quote a mock text conversation from the video:

“I sat through 8 shows of An Inconvenient Truth in school. What a CWOT (complete waste of time).”

“DSTR8 (damn straight!)”

The film ends with the line, “Question the hype.”

Indeed. But the real question is—is the progressive and social change sphere at risk of falling behind a well funded right-wing in the realm of social media? Are those interested in profit and deception more willing to adopt web 2.0 tools to further their missions than cash strapped charities who are accustomed to traditional fundraising and communications models?

What do you think?