Global NGO's Collaborate in Radically Open Campaign :: TckTckTck

Jason Mogus is the CEO of Communicopia and co-founder of Web of Change. His summer project was as the head of digital strategy for an unprecedented new global climate change campaign. To execute this highly emergent and fast paced campaign, he brought together 6 Web of Change community companies. Read on:

In late April I got another one of those phone calls that change your life. A new international organization, the Global Campaign for Climate Action, had recently formed to build a global groundswell for a strong climate deal in Copenhagen this December. They were a collaboration of International NGO's insprired by the success of the Make Poverty History campaign. Their brand was TckTckTck, and the web lied at the core of their strategy.

We put together our own collaboration of best-in-class partners, and despite a highly competitive process (which included Obama's digital team) won the gig. That's when the real fun started, and it's been flat out ever since. 

The most intresting thing for me about TckTckTck - other than the fact that climate change is probably the most important issue humanity has ever faced - is the radically open nature of the campaign.

With over 50 diverse, established, and well known NGO partners driving the bus, yet our own unique mandate as a central unifying force, we had to balance two competing yet interconnected elements: 

  • Supporting partners: ensuring we fill a unique role; adding value and always supporting, not competing with partner interests
  • Direct public engagement: providing a strong, unifying global center-point for media and world leaders; organizing new supporters who aren't reached by an existing NGO partner, and supporting new partners who have low online organizing engagement capacity

It's trendy to say you're "open and collaborative" these days, however actually being that way is very different - often in subtle ways - than the typical way orgs manage centralized, single-organization campaigns. So we built an open and distriubuted control structure into the very core of our organizing model, and everything we're developing is based on how we best understand network principles actually work.

I'll write more on the most uniquely open campaign elements and best tools that energize the partners, in the future, once we're sure this thing is going to actually work!

We seem to be off to a strong start. After teams in a half dozen cities worked around the clock, we launched the site last weekend, just in time for our NGO partners to run dozens of creative launch events around the globe this weekend. They are all running their own independent campaigns but using the TckTckTck brand, pointing to our website, and together, in less than a week, we've aggregated nearly 1,000,000 supporters to the cause!

So that's the project. Here's where you fit in: it's now less than 100 days until Copenhagen. If you're still not sure this is an urgent issue, please learn how climate change is affecting real people today, and what opportunities lie for us if we innovate now. If you think it's time for action, sign on to ask world leaders to sign a bold climate deal this year. From all the insider intelligence I've seen, it's clear that if enough of us stand up and say we're ready, world leaders will listen.

If you're really passionate you can use some of our innovative network tools like our upcoming Friendraiser, Facebook app, and mobile smartphone app to share the campaign with friends and help us build this global groundswell!  

We'd also love to hear any thoughts, questions, or insights on the work or the campaign, please leave a comment below. The time is now!

Editors note: The 6 Web of Change related companies who collaborated to lead this campaign included:

  • Biro Creative: design lead
  • Capulet Communications: social media strategy and execution
  • Advomatic: tech lead and hosting
  • Nitobi: mobile smartphone app developer
  • Hoggan and Associates: blogging strategy
  • Communicopia: strategy lead, project management, and site dev

All of these companies have been to Web of Change, most are sponsors, and, most importantly, the relationships forged and trust built at Web of Change are what made the business alliance - in an extremely high pressure environment - so successful.