TckTckTck's Inside Strategy

A few weeks ago, TckTckTck received a prestigious "Game Changer" award from the We Media conference on media innovation. What was the behind-the-scenes thinking supporting their innovative campaigning model and strategy? In this video, Kelly Rigg, TckTckTck's Executive Director, tells the story of their powerful "weapons of mass collaboration," what being an open source campaign really meant, and how that ultimately helped align hundreds of NGO's, celebrities, bloggers, and millions of people from nearly every country on earth.

In this strategy, you'll definitely see the influence of the 7 Web of Change related companies who collaborated to lead the TckTckTck campaign:

* Communicopia: strategy, project management, site dev, digital campaign manager

* Biro Creative: design lead

* Capulet Communications: social media strategy and execution

* Advomatic: tech lead and hosting

* Nitobi: mobile smartphone app developer

* Hoggan and Associates: blogging strategy

* Gott Advertising: online advertising

All of these companies have been to Web of Change, most are sponsors, and, most importantly, the relationships forged and trust built at Web of Change are what made the business alliance - in an extremely high pressure environment - so successful. In that same spirit of cooperation and open-ness, Communicopia - along with 2 other Web of Change superstars, Beka Economopoulos and Steve Rio - created the Fresh Air Centre, a Web of Change-like space in Copenhagen where the we-powered people movement, journalists, activists, bloggers, and NGO's, gathered to exchange ideas, share technology, and drive the movement. The Fresh Air Centre was the culmination of TckTckTck strategies and everything that Web of Change people and the collaborative model could bring to the table.