The transformative power of the web: marry top-down authority with bottom-up power

Jason Mogus, Web of Change founder and CEO/Senior Strategist at Communicopia Internet suggests a unique role for the web in changing the world:

The best results come when your organization or company marries the top down authority of your branding, media work, event organizing, education campaigns, and celebrities with the bottom up power of distributed global networks, growing the capacity of others and supporting local leadership. Your digital campaign can be the tie that binds these dynamically opposing efforts together for maximum impact. This is the potentially game-changing role of the web.

Jason offers six principles of transformative campaigns - those that make the most of how the web works to make a difference.  Jason's principles are paraphrased below.  Read the whole article here.

1. Start from a focused, research-backed, shared vision.

2. Design your campaign as a platform, baking right in the openness necessary for others - partners, volunteers, customers, whomever - to plug in, add what they can and take what's of value.

3. Design for networks. "Lower the friction involved with sharing, and pour gas on small fires that catch."

4. Let storytelling and deep content drive.

5. Know your engagement pyramid, and commit to working it to cultiave leaders. 

6. Integrate with "meat space."