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Harmony leanna eichstEadt

Harmony Leanna Eichsteadt is a community building consultant for heart-centered entrepreneurs. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2010, magna cum laude, with dual degrees in Women's & Gender Studies and English and was awarded the Lora Romero Memorial Award for Interdisciplinary Research in Race, Ethnicity, and Gender. She is a founder of the Austin Women's Clothing Swap, the Feminist Action Project Conference, the first National Women's Political Caucus College Caucus, and NEW Leadership Texas. Prior to launching her own consulting practice, Harmony served as the Head of Community at Good Life Project, and the Evangelist at NationBuilder.


Jed Miller

Jed advises mission-driven organizations to create strategic alignment between their vision, their tools and the communities they serve. Jed's urrent projects focus on open data, fiscal transparency, criminal justice and international development, with clients including Greenpeace, the diaTribe Foundation and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, among others. Previously, Jed served as digital director for the American Civil Liberties Union and as editor of online discussions at Jed has taught communications at Columbia's School for International Public Affairs (SIPA) and has written for the Guardian, the Open Society Foundations and the General Services Administration. Jed's pronouns are he/him/his. He is a native New Yorker a founding contributor to Personal Democracy Forum.  


Kaiden Roberts

Is an interdisciplinary artist and activist who works with the medium of the body towards greater cultural inclusion, diversity, and liberation for all people. They are non-binary, black, queer, transperson whose pronouns are they/them/theirs, she/her/hers or zhe/zhir/zhirs. They currently live in Oakland, CA but hail from the American South and are absolutely in love with the magnolia trees and bayous of their respective home states, Louisiana and Mississippi. In their professional life in technology, they focus on business development and recruiting for small startups, coaching tech professionals through career and life changes, and consulting with organizations and companies in the technology space to create more inclusive social environments.


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