We're shaping a truly participatory, interactive and meaningful agenda for this year's conference. At WOC participants play a key role in defining and shaping agenda content. This is your chance to submit a session (or sessions!) and make your mark.

Submit Your Session by Friday, August 28

There are five wonderful ways to share your ideas with Web of Changers this year. Click to read full descriptions of session types and to submit your session ideas:

  1. Idea Lab: Host a roundtable discussion

  2. Master Class: Make a Presentation

  3. WOC Brain Trust: Get your project workshopped

  4. Ignite Talk: entertain us with 20 slides on any topic

  5. Speed Geek: Demo your latest tech Project



Web of Change is a premier learning experience and so content expectations are high. If your Idea Lab or Master Class session is selected, you'll prepare by:

  • Attending a coaching session with a member of the WOC Leadership Team.

  • Doing a "dry run" of your session for a board member one week prior to the conference.

  • Pitching your session to the group at the conference. There are lots of sessions for participants to choose from so the stronger your pitch, the more participants you'll have at your session.

Session Submission Form